Oak Island 10K Run

Results and Thank you12-Apr-2014

Thank you to the over 700 participants in the 2014 Oak Island Lighthouse 5k & 10k Run/Walk &..

Thank You and Event Results12-Apr-2014

Thank you to the over 700 participants in the 2014 Oak Island Lighthouse 5k & 10k Run/Walk &..

Myles Ahead Playing Tunes11-Apr-2014

Mr. Tim Myles, Myles Ahead Entertainment (Professional DJ Services) will be playing our 1/2 and 10k ..

Online Registration Closed But You Can Still Register10-Apr-2014

Online Registration is closed but you can still register at the Chamber of Commerce Office (4433 Lon..




The Oak Island Lighthouse Run & Walk began 16 years ago when Clarence Willie,  a Chamber Board member, avid runner and retired U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel suggested the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerceorganize a 10k run/walk. The Chamber Board appointed Clarence Willie the Chair and with great enthusiasm the first run was held on April 10,1999.

In 2006, The Oak Island Lighthouse Race under the leadership of Chairman Seth Robbins added the first 5k.  This was a popular addition especially for those that didn't want to tackle the G.V. Barbee Oak Island Bridge. 

In 2012, the phenomenal growth of the event led organizers to rethink the logistics of a point to point run and with the addition of the 1/2 marathon it was the perfect opportunity for route changes.  Beginning in 2012, all the runs began and ended at the N.C. Baptist Assembly @ Fort Caswell.

We strive to make this event safe, fun, and enjoyable for all fitness levels.  We hope you agree, the Oak Island Lighthouse 5k, 10k & 1/2 marathon courses showcase the best scenery on the North Carolina Coast .  What other course can you see salt marshes, the Atlantic Ocean, wide beautiful beaches, ruins of a historic fort, and have a Lighthouse as a cheerleader - beckoning you to the finish? We hope you will join us and have a great run on Saturday, April 18, 2015.   We will publish 2015 info soon. We are in the process of adding some extra fun to the event.

This event is possible with the continued support and cooperation from the Wilmington Road Runners, N.C. Baptist Assembly @ Fort Caswell, Town of Oak Island, Town of Caswell Beach, Papa John's Pizza in Southport (910.454-0757), Art @ 211 The Ricky Evans Gallery and our very organized timing company GoTime Race Solutions.

Check out other running events in our immediate area N.C. 4th of July Festival's 5k Freedom Run in Southport (June),  NC Nature Conservancy's Half Hell Haul 7k in Boiling Spring Lakes (March 22, 2014)    Kiwanis 5k Run/Walk -Easter WeekendBridge to Pier Triathlon at Oak Island in June,  Go Jump in the Lake 5k at Boiling Spring Lakes on August 31st or Bald Head Island Maritime Classic in November. For a regional race calender go to Wilmington Road Runners.

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